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Borderlands is the property of their rightful companies
and is not associated to Renewsoft or valcan_s. The Application "Borderlands Dr" is the property of Renewsoft and valcan_s and is a free product for the owners and fans of the game. The purpose of the application is to enhances and unlock the true potential of Borderlands for the PC and make it the best on the PC platform. Sorry PS3 and Xbox 360 crew if I could port my app I would.

Happy Gaming from and valcan_s --> fellow Shacker aka \w/, your software solutions, done right.

Borderlands Dr features:

1. DirectX 10
2. GPU Physx
3. On the fly Third/FPS mode
* Bound to D-Pad Left and Right *
*Bound to F3 and F4

4. Two FOV modes
* Bound to D-Pad Up and Down *
*Bound to F10 and F11

5. Unlocked 25+ enhancements
6. Friendly interface
7. Visual Setting Grading
8. Auto updating App
9. Auto restore config
10. valcan_s seal of quality
11. And much more...

* Screens Shoots *